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Ethics without a warrant: The living witness of the Le Chambon rescuers

[Jewish and Christian children at play in Le Chambon, (Occupied) France.] [In her 1998 book, Jews and Christians on Time and Eternity: Charles Péguy’s Portrait of Bernard-Lazare, Annette Aronowicz acutely summarizes and comments on the 1979 book, Lest Innocent Blood Be … Continue reading

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There are no pure bodies: The monotheistic spiritual naturalism of Anne Conway, part 1

The books I was waiting for, re: Anne Conway, have all arrived and I’ve been reading from them diligently.  By happenstance my discovery of Conway coincided with my receiving a “bonus” from my employer, and this enabled me to buy, … Continue reading

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Løgstrup’s “The universal is singular”: Ole Jensen’s summary and contextualization

[I have translated the following summary of Løgstrup’s thinking about the singular universal, which was written by Ole Jensen for his book, Historien om K. E. Løgstrup (pp. 156-9).  Besides introducing and explaining the idea itself quite well, Jensen does … Continue reading

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Walking the metaphysical plank with Løgstrup

Before I dive into a full-blown exposition of part of Løgstrup’s metaphysics, I would be remiss not to point out that in moving from his writings about ethics, which were discussed in my prior posts about him, to his writings … Continue reading

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Two kinds of understanding

In his intellectual biography of the Danish philosopher-theologian Knud Ejler Løgstrup, Ole Jensen uses a brief passage from a well-known Danish novel to highlight the distinction between two kinds of understanding.  Per Jensen, the first is understanding for exploitation; the … Continue reading

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Rethinking the First Article of the Creed

[“Maker of Heaven and Earth” detail from The Apostles’ Creed Window at First Presbyterian Church, Allentown (Pennsylvania).  Leonids Linauts, stained glass artist.] The title of this blog post is the title of a paper written by Patrick D. Miller and … Continue reading

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Characteristics of the sovereign expressions of life

Although I said I wouldn’t reprise my comments in another forum, involving one of Bresson’s films, on second thought, part of what I wrote there in 2006 is probably worth restating and preserving here.  I have altered it only slightly, … Continue reading

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