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General Motors won’t be criminally prosecuted

Conservatives claim and, sadly, many recent courts agree, that corporations are like persons, with many of the same attendant rights. But here is a case where a corporation, General Motors, engaged in criminal behavior and it ought to be criminally … Continue reading

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Valentina Rodríguez in Patricio Guzmán’s film Nostalgia for the Light

Subtitles, by Katie Henfrey, from the end of Patricio Guzmán’s film Nostalgia for the Light: Voice-over narration: “Valentina works for the leading astronomy organisation in Chile. Her grandfather taught her to observe the sky when she was a child. She … Continue reading

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My Uncle Jack’s letter to me when I was very young

My uncle, Dr. John H. “Jack” Daugherty (1941-1984), wrote me this letter when I was very young. The setting, Harms Woods (, is in northern Cook County, Illinois. I also mentioned Jack in my second-ever post on this blog ( … Continue reading

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“Keep Your Flowers Off My Grave”

Dean and I are still writing songs, and having demos of them made.  I don’t want to post every song we write here, but since this is one that we feel is particularly good, I will mention it here.  It’s … Continue reading

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Connecting the dots

On the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington (August 28th), Michelle Alexander (whose book, The New Jim Crow, I mentioned and quoted from here) posted the following Facebook status update: For the past several years, I have spent virtually … Continue reading

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“Mom! He’s looking at me. Make him stop!”

What sibling doesn’t have memories from childhood of saying something like that to his/her mother?  Most moms know how to handle such episodes without resorting to throwing the offending kid down to the ground and choking him out.  Most moms, … Continue reading

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To Hear Us Talk

Robert Frost (from New Hampshire): On a Tree Fallen Across the Road (To Hear Us Talk) The tree the tempest with a crash of wood Throws down in front of us is not to bar Our passage to our journey’s … Continue reading

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