“Mom! He’s looking at me. Make him stop!”

What sibling doesn’t have memories from childhood of saying something like that to his/her mother?  Most moms know how to handle such episodes without resorting to throwing the offending kid down to the ground and choking him out.  Most moms, in other words, are smarter and much more mature than the Miami-Dade police officers who tackled and choked out a 14-year-old kid who was BOTTLE-FEEDING A PUPPY (!) for LOOKING AT THEM THE WRONG WAY.  The cops said later that the kid was giving them “a dehumanizing stare” and then refused to stop doing it when asked to do so.  The poor, put-upon cops.  Imagine having to endure that!  Basically, then, the cops said, “See that kid!  He’s looking at me.  I’ll make him stop!”  And so they did.  And now the kid has been charged with a felony count of resisting arrest with violence and disorderly conduct. In other words, if convicted as charged, this kid’s life is basically ruined.


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