Deborah Bird Rose

I just found this excellent presentation by Deborah Bird Rose, anthropologist, and author of books such as Dingo Makes Us Human: Life and Land in an Australian Aboriginal Culture.  It’s just under 45 minutes in length.  There are several other videos of Professor Rose online (easily found using your favorite search engine) that are also very good.  I purchased and read Dingo Makes Us Human years ago, and it made a deep impression on me, but I had never heard/seen any of her talks until now.  I deeply admire her passion and commitment to the plight of animals, especially animals that have been deemed pests and are being killed on a massive scale.  I just ordered a copy of her recent book, Wild Dog Dreaming: Love and Extinction (Under the Sign of Nature).  I am also delighted to learn, via the Amazon preview of this latter book, that she refers to Lev Shestov as one of her “great teachers in life.”  Me too!

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