What I’ve been up to lately… writing songs!

I apologize for neglecting my blog of late.  For the past two months, much of my free time has been spent working on songs with my friend, Dean Friscic.  Dean and I have been close friends for 35 years (he was the best man at my wedding).  He’s a gifted songwriter, but he’s always been better at writing music than lyrics.  Soon after we first met, we started working together on some songs.  He wrote the music for them, and I wrote the lyrics.  I wish I could say that I’ve kept at it since then with my songwriting, but I haven’t.  At different times, over the years, I’d work with him on a song or two, but then I’d always get busy with other things.  A couple of months ago, Dean asked me if I’d like to work on songs again, and I said, “Sure.”  I plan to stick with it, this time.  That’s my plan anyway.

Here is a link to my SoundCloud account, where you can see the songs that Dean and I have worked on in this latest round of songwriting, and follow our progress in the future.  Most of the songs are not yet in a proper “demo” form.  Most don’t have vocals (yet) and were generated using software.  But you should be able to get a general idea of each song, especially if you can read the lead sheets I’ve posted links to, while you listen.  To see the lyrics, and the links to the lead sheets, you have to click on the individual links for each song, after you get to my SoundCloud account.  Proper demos for most of these songs are in the works.

If you are a singer/musician, and you’d like to perform any of our songs, please email me.

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