Lecture by Steenberg: “Fallen man or exiled son?”

Here is video of an address given by Revd. Prof. M.C. Steenberg, now Hieromonk Irenei.  The title of the talk is “Fallen man or exiled son?  Voices from antiquity on ‘original sin’ in the 21st Century.”  It’s just under an hour in length.  In it he says that to learn about the nature of sin we’d do better to look to the parable of the Prodigal Son than to Genesis 3.  In Genesis, he says, we are told about the origin of sin, but very little about its nature.

Although he states that he does not want to simply “excavate” an early Christian point of view (he belongs to the Orthodox Church) for Western ears, in a kind of tension with the Western Church, it is perhaps inevitable that the theology about sin that he espouses will resonate less well with Western Christians than Eastern Christians.  In the West, the doctrine of total depravity is entrenched.

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