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Grundtvig’s sermons: 4th Sunday after Trinity, 1838

[The Danish pastor N. F. S. Grundtvig was hugely important to the formation of a national consciousness in his country, but he is little known outside Denmark.  This is unfortunate because, despite his flaws and mistakes, which can be overlooked … Continue reading

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President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address

The more I learn about him, and I haven’t studied him in detail, the more I appreciate Dwight D. Eisenhower as president.  He was the president when I was born (1958), but I was too young to remember him in … Continue reading

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A question of theology: “If I make it to heaven, will my pet(s) be there too?”

[A Border terrier puppy we bred.] Clearly, people can have an unhealthy attachment to their pets, to the extent that they allow their relationships with them to take precedence over their relationships with people.  On the other hand one shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Rays of goodness shining on wax

[A solar wax melter.] In chapter 12 of the first century of his Chapters on Knowledge (as translated by George C. Berthold), St. Maximus the Confessor writes: God is the sun of justice, as it is written, who shines rays … Continue reading

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Lecture by Steenberg: “Fallen man or exiled son?”

Here is video of an address given by Revd. Prof. M.C. Steenberg, now Hieromonk Irenei.  The title of the talk is “Fallen man or exiled son?  Voices from antiquity on ‘original sin’ in the 21st Century.”  It’s just under an … Continue reading

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Irenaeus on the Fall

[This is something I posted yesterday at Arts & Faith.  Given how often I’ve written here about Shestov, and the topic of the Fall, it’s clearly relevant here too.  It also represents a shift in my thinking.] I just borrowed … Continue reading

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My blog’s first birthday

I’m still doing research for the promised part 2 of “Rethinking the First Article of the Creed,” but I didn’t want to let today pass without acknowledging the fact that my first post on this blog was exactly one year … Continue reading

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