Five humanities programs, including Russian, poleaxed at SUNY Albany

The State University of New York at Albany recently announced that it is suspending its programs in French, Italian, Russian, classics and theater.  The departments will not disappear entirely (at least not right away), but students will no longer be able to major in these subjects.  Current majors who are juniors and seniors will be allowed to complete their degrees; sophomores and freshman will have to switch to different majors or hit the highway (transfer).  The irony that the university’s slogan is “The World Within Reach” has not gone unnoticed.  More details here.  Gregory Petsko, a Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry at Brandeis University, has written a terrific and scathing “open letter” to the President of SUNY Albany, that has been published by the academic journal Genome Biology, and is viewable here (hat tip: Antonio Russo).

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