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“A Journalist with the Soul of a Metaphysician and Mystic”

Such is the title of an article by V. A. Fateev on Vasily Rozanov (1856-1919) that was published in Russian Studies in Philosophy, vol. 47, no. 3 (Winter 2008-9), pp. 7-33.  The piece had originally appeared, in Russian, in the … Continue reading

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Films of faith, hope and love: Tarkovsky and the Silver Age religious philosophers

I have it in mind to write a long essay, or perhaps a short book, with the above title, or something close to it.  I haven’t definitely decided on the structure or plan, but the idea of using the three … Continue reading

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Le Fanu’s review of Bird’s book on Tarkovsky

One of the journal articles I retrieved at the library yesterday is a review of Robert Bird’s book Andrei Tarkovsky: Elements of Cinema.  The review is by Mark Le Fanu and it’s in the current issue of Cinema Journal (vol. … Continue reading

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(Not) just another day at the library

I went to the Thomas Cooper library today – in Columbia at the University of South Carolina (USC) – to return an interlibrary loan book that was due tomorrow.  I belong to the Thomas Cooper Society, which entitles me to … Continue reading

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Hello? [Sound of an echo…]

I’m not sure I still have any readers at this point – I think I scared them all away – but just in case I still do, here’s a post of mine in another forum that may be of interest … Continue reading

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