Cold war propaganda

I can’t remember exactly when or how I, as an American kid, was first told that I should hate and fear the Russians and the Chinese.  I mean, in so many words, straight up and in my face.  But it must have been in the 1960s.  And it must have been on AM radio, probably on a Saturday or a Sunday morning, when the local stations sold blocks of otherwise unprofitable time to organizations like the John Birch Society.  But by then I already had an FBI file because I had written letters to Radio Moscow and Radio Peking, just two of the many international broadcasters I listened to on my Heathkit GR-64 shortwave radio.  I don’t remember that Radio Moscow sent me much, but with Radio Peking I hit the jackpot: multiple copies of Mao’s Little Red Book, translated into English, of course; lots of glossy, full-color magazines with pictures of Mao on every page; and assorted other goodies.  It must have cost them a fortune!  Ten dollars, easy.  The package it all came in had obviously been opened, and rifled through, prior to delivery – to make sure there were no coded messages in it, I guessed.  I was mostly ignorant of the histories involved (of either communism or anti-communism) and utterly a-political.  I was just a kid.

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